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Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi

Cobianet is a Wi-Fi Internet service provider that specializes in providing bulk rate wireless Internet service to condominiums and resorts.  Cobianet delivers fast and reliable wireless Internet service to world class resorts and condominiums and every owner, tenant, and guest is guaranteed signal strength to their unit.

Why We are Different

Because we are so confident in our service, we provide free installation, a 30 day money back guarantee, and a month-to-month contract. Cobianet’s unique service oriented business model allows us to have great long-term relationships with our customers.  Since our customers aren’t bound by long-term contracts or costly upfront equipment, they remain with us because we provide the best service.

Bulk Rate For Condos

Cobianet has a history of successful installations in concrete highrise buildings designed to withstand hurricane force winds. We work with HOAs to ensure owner and guest satisfaction by providing property wide coverage and we guarantee signal strength to each unit.  If you would like to know more about our condo and resort Internet service, please explore our website or contact us today!

Free installation, property-wide coverage

Cobianet wireless Internet service includes free property-wide installation and guarantees coverage and signal strength to every unit. Since Cobianet owns the equipment and the backend connections, our customers do not need to purchase or rent any additional equipment and there are no additional utility costs.


Cobianet’s proprietary equipment uses the latest 802.11n technology to provide connection speeds of up to 20 mbps to each unit. Our development team pushes the wireless landscape forward, heavily involved in, not only implementing, but also developing new Wi-Fi technology. We are constantly upgrading and improving our network and strive to improve our service by focusing on tomorrow.


Cobianet operates a redundant, meshed network to provide the fastest and most reliable connections available. We partner with Tier 1 national service providers to provide commercial grade connections with service level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee network availability, low latency, reliable packet delivery, and real-time monitoring with notifications.


Cobianet service includes free end-user support so owners, tenants, and guests do not need to call property management or guest services for technical support, they can contact us directly. And since we provide the backend connection, there won’t be two different vendors to contact when an outage occurs; our friendly, US-based support staff take ownership of all service related issues. If we are not able to resolve an issue over the phone, we will send a technician onsite to ensure customer satisfaction. And since we monitor our equipment, we proactively respond to outages.

Cobianet supports all Wi-Fi capable devices, including phones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops, and we provide the free end-user technical support to get these devices reliably connected to our network.


Firewall: Cobianet maintains a firewall between all computers and the Internet, which blocks all access from the Internet to our customers. All inbound ports are blocked and any device accessing the network is assigned a private Internet protocol address which cannot be accessed from the Internet.

Client isolation: In order to keep users of the network from being able to access other users on the same network, Cobianet provides client isolation security. In a normal wireless network scenario, networks are secured using encryption such as WPA or WEP. Encryption works to keep unauthorized users off of the network; however it does not provide a mechanism to keep authorized users isolated from one another. Cobianet has deployed advanced client isolation technology which creates an individual tunnel for each user in order to completely segregate users from one another, thus resolving the issue of user to user access.

Encryption: Cobianet’s wireless connections use WPA2-Enterprise encryption, which keeps wireless communication over our network safe from malicious activity.